Marilyn Ameigh Family History

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I am strongly considering having a DNA test done of myself as I don’t have the Ameigh DNA testing results, if any.

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Mary Emma Cook Family History

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Pdf files and Comments

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For those of you using PDF files for selling Craft, Knitting, or Crochet patterns:

Please DO NOT disable comments.

It is helpful for the user of the pattern to be able to make a comment on your pattern for their own use as a reminder for the next time they use the pattern. A comment can be used to clarify a row, sizing, hook used, etc.

I paid for the pattern and should be able to make a comment on my own copy on my own computer system.

My viewpoint on Islamic ban from the USA

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All Islamic Mosques should be torn down and now allowed to be created in the USA.

All Islamic believers should not be allowed to vote or have influence in the USA.

The Christian Beliefs are one-by-one being eliminated from public usage, display, and influence.  Many Christian beliefs are being corrupted, skewed, or dropped from  not only the public, but also in many Churches themselves.  If Christians are not catered to then Islamic people should not be catered to either.  If the USA has separation of church and state, why should shariʿa Law be potentially influencing the USA.

Our hospital gowns were altered in structure for Moslem women but women in general were not listen to when we complained of such gowns.  Why are they more important than anyone else?

As for travelers and incoming immigrants, the USA is full already and immigration should be terminated or maybe a new planet found for inhabitation.  Not only should immigration be stopped, but new births limited.  The USA is not/can not support the people that are  here already.  We have  many unemployed, retired, and new job entrants who are not adequately  provided for  at this time.  We have hungry children here already in the USA.

Conclusion:  I am fed up with the Islamic people  altogether. I know that in the end, the Bible states that all Islamic people will come to God and be at one with Jesus just as the Jews will be.  However, until then ……. I just don’t want to deal with them, think about them,  or cater to them.

Cause of this posting:  Islamic arrogant leader being interviewed on TV  [talking  about infiltrating USA and instituting shariʿa Law as they were in the progress of doing  in European countries]. He calmly presented it as a guaranteed future for the USA.


Grandma Cook

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Grandma Elsie Cook died at 84 years of age.  She was a strong believing Christian.

She worked as a housekeeper when young, at the County Building [Cook] in middle age, and taught Sunday School and Youth groups in her older years.  She never learned to drive a car.

Her main instruction was to alway look up in the Bible every verse and study for yourself no matter how good the Preacher or Teacher may be.  Also, never let anything be to important to you as that important thing is what Satan will use against you.

She was a great Grandmother even though no one is perfect.

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Ceramics: Bear

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2013 Made This.


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Ceramics: Owl

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2012 Owl Made


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TV cable [Time Warner] functionality

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Any TV system that requires periodic reboot should be set to do so automatically without the home user physically doing so.

Unplugging power or coaxial wire by the home user is unnecessary, inconvenient, and sometimes [by elderly or handicapped] impossible.  It has been proven that the cable company can from  their office system reboot the TV, WiFi and even Phone system without the user involvement.  It took them only a minute to do so and, therefore, not too complicated or time consuming for the cable company staff to do this.  It can be automated in some automatic system for a  monthly or bi-monthly reboot of all  their customers TV, phone, or WiFi systems.

It has been proven that a reboot  is periodically necessary or the internet via the home user laptop/computer useage slows down, malfunctions, and is irritating. Therefore, cable company, fix the reboot need via a company mass reboot and quit asking users to do so manually.  Cable fees are high enough for the cable company to fulfill this need within the cost to the user.

By the way the TV channels malfunction if a frequent reboot of the TV modem is not done by the home user.  So, although I am currently irritated with WiFi rebooting, TV rebooting is also frequently needed.  That  is a lot of unplugging, waiting, and replugging.

Pizza Hut food and service going downhill

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Corning, NY, Pizza Hut’s food and service is deteriorating.  It use to be very good and we liked the pizza and chicken fingers especially.

However, the last few times, the chicken fingers were extremely smaller,  the staff had problems with using the cash register [more than one staff member each time] and we did  not get exactly what we  ordered and for which we paid.

The pizza seems to have less sauce  and cheese which makes the pizza less enjoyable.  One, I guess, could pay more and add a serving of cheese and sauce to just get a normal pizza.  This  also applied to the personal size pizza.  The crust seems to be more rubbery than it use to be.  Maybe they are using frozen pizza crusts these days???

I believe that Pizza Hut should train their staff and food preparation people more extensively.  They should also train their staff to use the cash register and have the cash register items they serve easily accessible thereon by their staff.

Also, in conclusion, it would be nice to actually get a take out menu with their menu items on it.  The take out menu seems to be very limited to pizza and wing items.

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Politics 2016

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In my opinion,  2016 election has been weird!  This year it is “to vote for the least damaging candidate” instead of the best candidate.

2016 election has been like a Hollywood movie and very eventful.  Trump has certainly livened up a boring event.  This is probably his last big public attention getting event.  However, I do not want him as President.  He is just too outspoken.  However, I can see that people are fed up with government as it has always been.  We  do need a change in the ways things work, but Trump is not my choice to accomplish it.

I guess Hillary Clinton will be my choice for President.  Unfortunately, her stand on gun control is a concern. However, I would love to see Bill Clinton as “First Gentleman”.  It would be historic.  As well, it would be historic for Hillary to be the first woman President.

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