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My name is Marilyn {Ameigh} Moore with Ameigh as my maiden name. I have beenĀ a widow since Jan 2006. Currently, as of 2016 I am 71 years old, handicapped, retired, and somewhat alive.

I live in a Senior Building in New York. It is very pretty here year around. Colorful foothill mountains with trees and farmlands as well as busy business areas. In the Winter there is snow, in the Spring flowers and budding trees, in the Fall colorful leaves, and in the Summer green grass and mostly nice temperatures.

There are lots of things that I like to do. Ceramics, knitting, crocheting, knit loom projects, TV watching, shopping, etc. Also, there learning to play the Early American Flute, Keyboard, and Clarinet. [Christian, Family, and Holiday Songs]

Many things make up my world: Star Trek, Space Environment, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel. WebCams around the world right on my laptop, News, soccer and basketball viewing, history of all kinds — political, technical, environmental, Colonial, early World, current World, etc.

I live with my Mother who is near 91 years old. She has her own apt, but we are together at one place or the other all the time.

Currently, projects include making baby clothes for sale and making hats/scarfs and baby clothes for charity.

I am a student of the Scriptures as I am a Christian.

Current Sites:

Also, working on 2 High School Alumni Sites. [under construction]

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