My viewpoint on Islamic ban from the USA

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All Islamic Mosques should be torn down and now allowed to be created in the USA.

All Islamic believers should not be allowed to vote or have influence in the USA.

The Christian Beliefs are one-by-one being eliminated from public usage, display, and influence.  Many Christian beliefs are being corrupted, skewed, or dropped from  not only the public, but also in many Churches themselves.  If Christians are not catered to then Islamic people should not be catered to either.  If the USA has separation of church and state, why should shariʿa Law be potentially influencing the USA.

Our hospital gowns were altered in structure for Moslem women but women in general were not listen to when we complained of such gowns.  Why are they more important than anyone else?

As for travelers and incoming immigrants, the USA is full already and immigration should be terminated or maybe a new planet found for inhabitation.  Not only should immigration be stopped, but new births limited.  The USA is not/can not support the people that are  here already.  We have  many unemployed, retired, and new job entrants who are not adequately  provided for  at this time.  We have hungry children here already in the USA.

Conclusion:  I am fed up with the Islamic people  altogether. I know that in the end, the Bible states that all Islamic people will come to God and be at one with Jesus just as the Jews will be.  However, until then ……. I just don’t want to deal with them, think about them,  or cater to them.

Cause of this posting:  Islamic arrogant leader being interviewed on TV  [talking  about infiltrating USA and instituting shariʿa Law as they were in the progress of doing  in European countries]. He calmly presented it as a guaranteed future for the USA.


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