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Pdf files and Comments

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For those of you using PDF files for selling Craft, Knitting, or Crochet patterns:

Please DO NOT disable comments.

It is helpful for the user of the pattern to be able to make a comment on your pattern for their own use as a reminder for the next time they use the pattern. A comment can be used to clarify a row, sizing, hook used, etc.

I paid for the pattern and should be able to make a comment on my own copy on my own computer system.

Ceramics: Bear

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2013 Made This.


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Ceramics: Owl

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2012 Owl Made


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Baseball Season in 2016

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Either the Mets or the Yankees are my favorite team. It depends on who is the underdog that season or sometimes a particular game. I like both teams, maybe because they are New York teams.

Statistics and lineups are for men to track [some women do too, I guess, but I am not one of them]. I like to just enjoy a particular game. Baseball is most fun if you can actually be there, but sitting on bleachers is no longer for me so in front of a TV with a nice cold drink is the way these days to enjoy Baseball.

It is now Winter 2016 so baseball is not yet in season this year. Looking forward to it though.

I got to thinking of this because they are having a Football Party weekends when a good game is on. Football is OK, but is more fun for me.

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