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Smart Guns are not Smart

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When/If I pick up a gun to use it, it should work, even if it is not my gun.  USA citizens and/or residents should have the right to own a gun with/without permission from the government.  Such gun should always work when needed for a proper and responsible reason even if it is not my gun.

Terrorists, criminals, and those choosing to misuse a gun can always get or make a gun.  Gun Control only keeps responsible people from having a gun.  A terrorist, criminal, or misuser will not go through the process of getting permission from the government.  Smart guns, I am sure can be hacked as all technology can be.

Terrorists and  criminals have sources of getting guns from sources not controlled by government systems.  Thus, Smart Guns will not deter them from having a  working gun.

Small children should always be supervised and guns should be kept out of their reach or use.  Gun control will not do this.  Only proper supervision and responsible gun storage is the only gun issue.

If an older child gets and uses a gun in an improper or irresponsible manner, then it is unfortunate.  An older child who want to obtain a gun, can obtain one from somewhere if they want one bad enough. A deadly gun or bomb can be made in a basement or garage.  A gun does not have to be precision to kill. Multiple shot guns can also be made well enough to kill multiple people.

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