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TV cable [Time Warner] functionality

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Any TV system that requires periodic reboot should be set to do so automatically without the home user physically doing so.

Unplugging power or coaxial wire by the home user is unnecessary, inconvenient, and sometimes [by elderly or handicapped] impossible.  It has been proven that the cable company can from  their office system reboot the TV, WiFi and even Phone system without the user involvement.  It took them only a minute to do so and, therefore, not too complicated or time consuming for the cable company staff to do this.  It can be automated in some automatic system for a  monthly or bi-monthly reboot of all  their customers TV, phone, or WiFi systems.

It has been proven that a reboot  is periodically necessary or the internet via the home user laptop/computer useage slows down, malfunctions, and is irritating. Therefore, cable company, fix the reboot need via a company mass reboot and quit asking users to do so manually.  Cable fees are high enough for the cable company to fulfill this need within the cost to the user.

By the way the TV channels malfunction if a frequent reboot of the TV modem is not done by the home user.  So, although I am currently irritated with WiFi rebooting, TV rebooting is also frequently needed.  That  is a lot of unplugging, waiting, and replugging.

Star Trek TV Series

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There is scheduled to be a new Star Trek Series on TV in 2017. I wonder what time period it will be in and who will play who.

If one leaves a time period between watching the old series Star Treks and watching them again, the particular series becomes interesting once again. I have seen every episode of all Star Trek programs many times, but have found that I enjoy watching again once a time period has lapsed.

The only Star Trek movie I did not actually like was the one with Khan. Also, I noticed they used the ear bug [used in Khan] in the new recent Star Trek movie. Usually, I just don’t watch that part of the movie and enjoy the rest of the movie.

My favorite Star Trek movie so far, has been the one with the Whales in it.

The current Star Trek movie characters and actors are very good. I cannot imagine who or how new actors will play such parts in the new Star Trek series in 2017.

Movie: Martian

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Saturday, Feb 6th, I watched “Martian” on Pay-for-View.  In  my opinion, it was not a comedy.  It had some small parts of humor banter between characters that seemed a normal thing for the circumstances that the characters were in the time.

It started out strong and ended strong.  It was interesting and I liked all the characters as well as the story.

The only part I had problems with was the saving of the main character when he slit his space suit and shot up to be caught and saved,  but it worked and it was a movie.