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Pizza Hut food and service going downhill

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Corning, NY, Pizza Hut’s food and service is deteriorating.  It use to be very good and we liked the pizza and chicken fingers especially.

However, the last few times, the chicken fingers were extremely smaller,  the staff had problems with using the cash register [more than one staff member each time] and we did  not get exactly what we  ordered and for which we paid.

The pizza seems to have less sauce  and cheese which makes the pizza less enjoyable.  One, I guess, could pay more and add a serving of cheese and sauce to just get a normal pizza.  This  also applied to the personal size pizza.  The crust seems to be more rubbery than it use to be.  Maybe they are using frozen pizza crusts these days???

I believe that Pizza Hut should train their staff and food preparation people more extensively.  They should also train their staff to use the cash register and have the cash register items they serve easily accessible thereon by their staff.

Also, in conclusion, it would be nice to actually get a take out menu with their menu items on it.  The take out menu seems to be very limited to pizza and wing items.

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