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Change of Faith

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To have a person or group become of your faith [no matter what faith it is], you must give them a choice through information about your faith.  You do not  truly have someone change their faith through duress, violence, or abuse.  A change of faith must always be through free-will choice or it is not a true conversion.

A conversion through any other method is lip service and not true change of faith.

It is easy to knock someone to their knees physically, it is  not easy spiritually.

Many religions throughout history have used violence and power to attempt control of those of other beliefs.  It is alway wrong according to any god.  Any god whether the Christian God or not, will not accept anything but a true convert.  Even a non-God system change, must be  of the spirit and not of the physical.

Hurting a Child of God

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If anyone hurts a child of God [God the Father], they are accountable to God — even  if they do not believe in God.

It is their problem if they reject God the Father through Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.  It is their responsibility and accountability and  no one elses.

Terrorism vs Victim

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Terrorists [often in the name of their faith] often believe that they accomplish something by victimizing a person or group. However, they are the perpetrators and are held responsible and accountable before God [even their God] and mankind not their victim.

Most terrorists [it seems via their own presentation in the News] simply want power and control and have no desire to please even their God. [Also, those who present themselves in the News on TV or Newspapers, do not present themselves or their cause very intelligently.]

Religious victims of terrorists suffer worldwide. Victims often are beaten, raped, have property destroyed, or killed because of their faith. Christian victims actually find such treatment unpleasant or fatal. However, the terrorists are actually giving that victim a privilege of suffering for their God. That victim will receive rewards in Heaven for such. If killed for for their faith, the victim gets to go to Heaven [a great place to be], be with God [a wonderful thing to have], be happy beyond description, live forever, receive a glorified body, not go to Hell-Judgement-Lake of Fire, receive Heavenly rewards from God, and live in God’s Kingdom forever.

The Christian Believer who is victimized [beaten, raped, property destroyed] knows that such is because of their faith in God and although unpleasant to experience, are privileged to receive such in the name of God. They know that they are not damaged before God and will be Heavenly rewarded. The perpetrator will be held accountable, responsible, and punished by God — not the victim.

As a Christian Believer, my answer to a terrorist, is thank you for providing me with such a privilege and honor of  suffering for belief in my God.  I want to be in God’s Kingdom [alive or dead] not the Kingdom of any terrorist.  A Christian victim has the Holy Spirit to help them endure everything.